Oil Change Kendall

Oil Change Kendall

Transmission Service

Increase the life span of your car and avoid early wear and tear of parts

The transmission is a complicated component of your car

Your car’s transmission is a very delicate piece of machinery that requires routine maintenance. If it does not receive service or maintenance it can start to break down, due to general high mileage wear and tear. It can begin to have numerous problems that could result in its eventual inability to shift. This could leave you stranded, waiting for a tow truck. Of course, problems detected early enough may only require a small adjustment or service. A quick check of your fluids can prevent trouble you can avoid. Pay attention for these signs of transmission trouble.

Overall Service

Transmission fluid flushes should be performed every 30,000 miles and transmission fluid levels should be checked every six months. Now that you know how often to check your transmission fluid, you’re one step closer to extending the life of your transmission!