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Increase the life span of your car and avoid early wear and tear of parts

Buying new Tires or Wheels can be a daunting experience

Oil Change Kendall is dedicated to making the car tire buying experience easy, convenient, and comfortable for our valued customers. We use our expertise and knowledge to find the tire that’s right for your car and your wallet. Let our specialist walk you through the car tire buying experience.

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All tires eventually begin to experience wear. How the tire wears can be a indication of an issue with your alignment or tire pressure. Tire tread should wear evenly across the whole tire rather than on the inside or outside of the tire. The wear on your tires will happen regardless of how good of a driver you are, although it can be accelerated if you don’t take proper care of the tires.

Tire aging occurs when components of the tire, including the rubber, begin to change over time. This can happen due to environmental impacts and storage conditions, as well as the amount of usage the tire sees when being driven, or the tire sitting with no use.